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Lexicon MPX 1 Multi-Effects Processor

The MPX 1 Multi-Effects Processor fulfills the promise implied by the term "multi-effects". When summoned to do their best reverb, most single DSP multieffect processors run out of gas — you don't get additional effects. The MPX 1 has Lexicon's own proprietary Lexichip, dedicated to delivering uncompromised Lexicon stereo reverb or ambience, in addition to another processor to create the other digital effects. So you get your best reverb, at all times, along with as many as 4 additional stereo effects.

Lexicon MPX 1 Multi-Effects Processor

Multi-effects and Lexicon quality reverb without compromising sound quality

Intuitive user interface - edits the way you speak (i.e. press EDIT then REVERB...)

Built-in help: Hold down any button and it tells you what is going on

Balanced Analog I/O (1/4" & XLR)

56 effect algorithms

The most comprehensive modulation section we have ever devised: two LFOs, 2 AR Generators, S&H Generator, a random number generator, input level as a modulation source for expressiveness and more

Digital Inputs & Outputs (S/PDIF @ 44.1KHz) 24-Bit A/D/A Conversion

32-bit internal processing (depending on active FX blocks)

Discrete Stereo or Dual Mono Processing

>90dB of Dynamic Range

Multiple DSP Architecture

Up to 5 Simultaneous stereo effects routable in any configuration, with individual mix and gain for each effect

Intelligent Sorting features: Sort by Name, Number, Application (i.e. vocals, live sound, guitar etc.), Effect (i.e. chorus, parametric EQ, Pitch Shifting etc.) or Last 10 presets loaded (in case you forgot- we thought of everything)

A/B "Soft Switch" assignable as continuous controller (controls Patching, etc.)

Parameter Morphing

Dynamic MIDI  patching & MIDI automation

Dynamic Patching

Unique Tempo Modes including Tap-Tempo, MIDI clock control (with MPX-1 as slave or master device)

MIDI Arpeggiator

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