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Adam A5X Monitor Speakers

The similar dimensions and name could make one believe that the A5X is nothing more than a new version of the A5. A quick listening however leaves no doubt that the A5X is much more than that. Like all other models of the AX-Series it features the proprietary X-ART tweeter. The very data of this technology shows that it is at the forefront of what tweeters can accomplish. Numerous listening tests have confirmed this. A 5.5" Midwoofer reproduces the frequencies below 2.5kHz. The diaphragm is made from Carbon fiber/Rohacell/Glass fiber, which is the same composite structure shared in the next two bigger models. This material with minimum weight and maximum rigidity prevents break up resonances, resulting in an outstanding dynamic behaviour and impeccable sound characteristics.

Adam A5X Monitor Speakers

Excels at nearfield monitoringEquipped with the X-ART tweeter

And a 5.5" midwoofer50W A/B tweeter amplifier50W PWM midwoofer amplifier Upper corners slanted to minimize reflections

4dB gain for the high frequencies Two bass reflex ports offer surprising low frequency response

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