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Both a fan of ORANGE Music and the HS50's

Both a fan of ORANGE Music and the HS50's

The Yamaha HS50's has been delivered in perfect condition and in perfect time.
I'm very impressed with your service and I'll gladly furnish you with this favourable testimonial.

As for the hs50's, they are unbelievable! The imaging that they provide is absolutely ridiculous, I've been mixing on dynaudio bm15's and at 1000pounds per monitor I didn't think it got much better than that but I can see I'm going to use them for the final touches only from here on, they're too smooth! The hs50's are totally unforgiving, I've already picked up numerous snags in previous mixes, with the 2db boost on the mids they are NS10's, definitely not an ego booster like the dynaudion/genelec type monitors. As for those who complain about the bottom end, go see an ear doctor. Unless you're producing dance music these are perfect for individuals like me who produce for ads and film and if you produce dance music an 18inch driver in a dustbin will do fine anyway!

Thank you very much, I'm a fan of both Orange music and the hs50's.

Testimonial By: Walter Anderson