Novation Dicer Control Surface

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  • Model: NOVDICER
  • Manufactured by: Novation

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Novation Dicer Control Surface

In our opinion, this is definitely a good thing, as we'd rather have something doing one..

Novation Dicer Control Surface

In our opinion, this is definitely a good thing, as we'd rather have something doing one job well than something else doing a lot of things, but only doing them okay. Novation's Dicer is one of the next wave, and this compact controller is targeted at DJs - specifically Serato Scratch Live users - who want to get some extra hands-on performance from the Looping features. Just like decks, Dicers come in pairs, and it can be securely mounted on the corner of a Technics 1200. On the underside is a circular mounting block (this can be detached by unscrewing it) that enables it to slot into the 45 RPM adaptor recess of the deck, so it won't wobble when prodded or knocked.

"If you've ever tried to find space for a controller in a DJ booth, one that sits in the right place is liberating."

Funnily enough, this is one of its major selling points - if you've ever tried to find space for a MIDI controller in a DJ booth, you know just how difficult it can be, so having a controller that sits in exactly the right place is a liberation. If you need to attach them to CDJs, or prefer to position them on a different part of a deck, simply detach the mounting circle and use the DJ putty provided to stick them in place.

Two heads

So, we're off to a good start - but thankfully there's more. Dicer is USB-powered and uses the smaller USB Micro 1.1 standard connectors. The pair of units are identical, so either can be connected to the computer. To save using two USB ports to connect the pair, you can daisy-chain the units together using the provided mini jack cable. To clarify, although this is an audio lead, it's only used for MIDI. Setup time is short and sweet. Just mount the Dicers to the decks, plug them in and you should be good to go. They are class-compliant, so there is no driver installation and, since, they are pre-mapped to Serato's Looping and Cueing functions, it's game on as soon as you see them light up. The layout features five big round rubber buttons and three smaller ones. The big ones are numbered like dice and are the main ones used for performance; the smaller ones are used to select the various modes. All of the buttons take advantage of intelligent backlighting and use three colours to distinguish themselves from one other.

Novation Dicer Control Surface

Performance buttons with visual feedback.

Locks straight onto the Technics SL 1200 series, and similar decks.

A Fully class compliant MIDI device

Default set-up for Serato Scratch Live and works with all major DJ software titles.

USB bus-powered




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