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Rane - RANE Twelve Motorized Control Turntable

The RANE DJ Twelve is an advanced 12" vinyl motorized control turntable and DJ control system designed to work with Serato DJ Pro software. The deck provides an accurate, true-vinyl performance experience to digital music software, while liberating DJs and turntablists from the burden of damaged needles, tonearms, and the dreaded sub-bass feedback.

Rane - RANE Twelve Motorized Control Turntable

Full 12" Vinyl with Motorized Platter
Traditional Turntable Layout
Strip Search with 8 Hot-Cue Triggers
High-Torque Motor
High Resolution: 3600 Ticks
Connects via USB to Seventy-Two Mixer
33 1/3 & 45 rpm Platter Speeds
Pitch: 8/16/50%
Motor-Off Switch for Wind-Down Effects
Official Serato Accessory

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