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Yamaha - YDP-S52B Upright Piano

Similar to a grand piano, the unique GH action system makes the keys of lower notes heavier and makes the weight of the keys lighter as the note increases.
Dynamic and heavy, the keyboard is made of ivory-touch that absorbs sweats off the fingers when played for longer duration.
Yamaha YDP S52 Arius Series is made to fit both beginners and professionals in the department of touch and weight.
Many digital piano purchasers want similar touch as an acoustic piano. Weight and feel can satisfy that kind of desires.
Yamaha YDP S52 Arius Series will have dynamic keyboard feel that other inexpensive digital piano won’t provide you.
You will even be able to change the touch sensitivity of the keyboard from: Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed.

Yamaha - YDP-S52B Upright Piano

88 note graded hammer (GH) keyboard with synthetic ivory keytops
Pure CF sound engine with 10 preset voices
New acoustic system offers clearer sound with more presence
192 note polyphony
2 track recording
Low power consumption
A compact size and stylish cabinet
USB to Host
Yamaha 3 year warranty
Think Yamaha, Think Sound Centre!!

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